Why convert your paper documents to digital format?

usascanning No more wasted time searching through file cabinets
usascanning Access information quickly and easily on your computer, network or PDA
usascanning Eliminate the need for file cabinets (1 disc can hold more than 60,000 documents)
usascanning Easily transfer files via email
usascanning Protect documents against natural disasters
usascanning Integrate documents into your database
usascanning Reduce wasted time and increase productivity
usascanning Filing or retrieving documents can cost as much as $20 in labor*
usascanning Finding a misfiled document can cost as much as $125 in labor*
usascanning Professionals spend 50% of their time looking for material and only 5 to 10% of their time actually reading it*
usascanning 7.5% of all documents get lost or misfiled*

       *source: The Journal of Accountancy

Paperless Digital Solutions: Your long term partner for digital conversion


Paperless Digital Solutions is the premier provider of document conversion services. Whether your records are paper, microfilm, microfiche, aperture card, medical images or engineering drawings, Paperless Digital Solutions has the capability and experience to move your documents into the digital world.
We can provide conversion services on-site at your location or at our facilities. Paperless Digital Solutions has the solutions to meet your conversion needs.
Since 2002, we have converted millions of records for clients throughout the United States and have earned a reputation as an industry leader; we use the very best equipment and experienced personnel to insure that every project is successful.


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